Kanime FanbaseUSA

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This a site that I created to bring together kpop and anime fans. It might seem a bit weird to some but considering I am a fan of both kpop and anime, I wanted a place that would combine the two. I want kpop fans and anime fans to experience the best of the two worlds. I also wanted a place where I could meet new people, experience different things/cultures and get new interests. I hope you guys come to enjoy the site and all it has to offer!!


1. No Racist or Homophobic remarks or comments

2. Respect everyone no matter their religion, race, sexuality or gender

3. Curse words are allowed except the word slut... I really REALLY hate that word

4. Anyone who refuses to follow those three simple rules will be  kicked off the site

5. If you have any questions please feel free to message me


I've included a chat room everyone can join if you want to meet new people. Everyone is welcome!!